Our association can offer you assistance before or during the planning of a Snoezelen room /area. We are not tied to any company and therefore are not financed by any. If you are planning a Snoezelen room, please get in touch. We are offering you an information day or we are happy to come to your facility. For more information please contact our training department or any member of the board of "ISNA -Snoezelen professional e.V.".

Room – spatial perception

“We live, act and think in space, perceive spaces, design and enjoy them. Spaces have an effect on people; they convey ‘messages’ which might not always get to the surface of the consciousness but have an impact on wellbeing and behaviour.“
(Joans, V.: Zur Diagnostik des Raumverhaltens und –erlebens bei Kindern. In: Z. Motorik (1989, 4, 150)


Snoezelen rooms are “multifunctional rooms”“



The Snoezelen room is predominantly a white room. It comes to life with light and sound elements, possibly scents and of course music. The basic set up of a Snoezelen room comprises of noiseless bubble units with mirror backgrounds, liquid projectors with colour wheels to project images on to the walls, a variety of spot lights and slowly rotating mirror balls, light curtains, ceiling light with dimmer switch, colour projectors, comfortable seating and lounging areas and possibly an extra wide door frame to allow beds being wheeled in.






Extensive and more detailed information on setting up a Snoezelen room: 

  • Room-details
  • Basic equipment
  • Small equipment
  • Low budget version
  • Questionnaire and “resident”

can be obtained by members of International Snoezelen Association ISNA-Snoezelen professional e.V..

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